Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long will it take for set up and pick up?
A: Set up takes about 20 minutes per unit, and pick up will take about 30 minutes.

2. What do I need to reserve an inflatable unit?
A: For reservations please call 871-0700.

3. What information do I need to reserve, and is there a deposit required?
A: The information needed to reserve an inflatable unit is: your name, address of the location you wish for delivery, your phone number for contact, and the time your event will be starting. Deposits are required for deliveries outside of Bakersfield.

4. When do I pay?
A: Payment is upon delivery of the inflatable unit.

5.What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept cash, check, and credit or debit payments.

6. What do I need to reserve an inflatable at the park?
A: Reservations for parks will need to be scheduled with the Parks and Recreation, but not all parks require a reservation. Parks and Recreations will provide information on parks requirement.

7. Who do I call to get a reservation with a park?
There are many different parks in Bakersfield. There is City, County and North of the River.
Bakersfield City 661-326-3866
County of Kern Parks and Recreation 661-868-7000
North of the River 661-392-2000
Lamont Parks and Recreation 661-845-0757

8. What is the rain or bad weather policy?
A: During periods of severe weather conditions (rain, high winds, etc.) Jump For Joy reserves the right to cancel any reservations or parties. If conditions are not too severe upon receipt of unit, we will give the option of keeping the unit or not, if you decide to keep the unit per the terms of the rental agreement. There will be no refunds if we have to pick up due to the weather conditions.

9. What if there is no power?
If your event is going to be at a location with no power, we can provide a generator for a fee. Generator fee is $25.00 for each unit.